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                       Personal operating system


This webpage contains all Peropesis Linux operating system project news.

#2021-08-27: A pinch of news

A new chapter File system has been created in the User's manual. It provides an overview of the Peropesis Linux OS file system structure, discussed how to mount temporary devices in the /mnt directory and discusses how to restore a damaged Linux operating system by using the Peropesis distribution.

#2021-07-13: User manual extended and mailing list installed

1. In the User manual a new, Network chapter has been created. In this chapter is discussed the basic (ethernet) network system currently installed in the Peropesis operating system.
2. In the website a very simple Mailing list system has been installed. Mailing list is intended to notify a newly released operating system.

#2021-06-09: Peropesis 1.4 released - some software updated

Updated libattr.so.1.1.2501 (from attr 2.5.1).
Updated e2fsck, fsck, mke2fs (from e2fsprogs 1.46.2).
Updated libmagic.so.1.0.0 (from file 5.40).
Updated libstdc++.so.6.0.29, libgcc_s.so.1 (from gcc 11.1.0).
Updated kmod, libkmod.so.2.3.7 (from kmod 29).
Updated less (from less 581.2).
Updated libcap.so.2.50 (from libcap 2.50).
Updated links (from links 2.23).
Updated Linux kernel and modules (from linux 5.12.9).
Updated libcrypto.so.1.1 (from openssl 1.1.1k).
Updated halt, init, shutdown, killall5, pidof (from sysvinit 2.99).
Updated libzstd.so.1.5.0 (from zstd 1.5.0).

Peropesis 1.4 release can be downloaded from here.

#2021-05-21: Peropesis 1.3.1 released: overwrite network and udev initialization scripts, several programs added

1. In the Peropesis Linux distribution was added usermod program. This program is for modify a users accounts. The usermod program complements the list of other programs (useradd(8), userdel(8), groupadd(8) and groupdel(8)), that were previously added to the Peropesis distribution and that are responsible for managing system users accounts. More information about these programs can be found on the man pages of these programs.

2. /etc/init.d/network initialization script was rewritten. It describes the functions of creating and deleting loopback and network interfaces and also "case" control construct of these functions. To sum up, when you type a commands: /etc/init.d/network start | stop | restart at a command line, then loopback and network (ethernet) interfaces are run, stoped or rebooted.

3. /etc/init.d/udev initialization script was replenished. Additional stop, restart and reload cases was written for udevd and udevadm programs in the script. To sum up: when you type a commands: /etc/init.d/udev start | stop | restart | reload at a command line, then programs udevd and udevadm are run, stoped, restarted or reloaded. Note: case stop - turns off udevd and udevadm programs, case start turn on these programs, case restart - do one case after another and reload case - reload the rules files and other databases like the kernel module index. More about udevadm reaload option can be read on udevadm(8) man page, udevadm control section, --reload.

4. In the Peropesis Linux distribution was added killall program. killall is part of the Psmisc software package. This program is for kill processes by name. In this case, the killall program was used in the /etc/init.d/udev script, in stop() control case, for kill udevd program. More information about this program see killall(1).

5. In the Peropesis Linux distribution was added Iana-Etc package. The Iana-Etc package provides data for network services and protocols.

No more news in this, 1.3.1 Peropesis release. Peropesis 1.3.1 release can be downloaded from here.

#2021-05-03: User manual extended and forum installed

1. Till now, instructions for connecting to the loaded Peropesis operating system was discussed in one sentence. By replacing it, a new, Login / Logout chapter has been created in the User manual.
2. A forum has been installed on the website. Forum is provided by my little forum. The forum is designed to discuss issues related to the use and develope of the Peropesis operating system.

#2021-04-16: Peropesis 1.3 released: basic network system (ethernet) + web browser Links

How we did that:
1. Updated Linux kernel to 5.11.12 version, additional compiled net drivers.
2. Installed software package of dhcpcd. Program dhcpcd is a DHCP client. dhcpcd configures the network interface of the machine on which it is running.
3. Installed programs ifconfig and route from software package of net-tools. Program ifconfig is for configure a network interface. Program route show / manipulate the IP routing table.
4. A browser called Links has been installed (only text mode). Links is lynx-like alternative character mode WWW browser.
5. Installed required libraries for program Links, that haven't yet been included in the Peropesis distribution: lzlib, zstd, brotli, libevent.
6. Few screenshot: dhcpcd --version, Links go to URL, Links man page, Peropesis website in Links web browser.
7. Peropesis 1.3 release can be downloaded from here.

#2021-04-06: Small changes in small project

1. A very simple bugs logging system has been established. This system is designed to log bugs detected in the Peropesis operating system. If you notice bugs while using the Peropesis OS, you can report them through an HTML form (reference).
2. The Peropesis Linux OS project is now available at peropesis.org. The primary language of the site is english. The lithuanian Peropesis website is available at peropesis.org/lt.

#2021-03-29: Peropesis 1.2 released

1. The Syslinux bootloaders is used to boot the Peropesis operating system. Previous release of Peropesis (1.1) was only compatible with BIOS software and Isolinux bootloader was used to load the Peropesis image. Isolinux is part of Syslinux's bootloaders family. Isolinux is designed to load images from optical devices. This release includes an additional image, that uses syslinux.efi bootloader for UEFI software. Summarizing, Peropesis release 1.2 has two images and this release is compatible with both, BIOS and UEFI software. Because this release contains an additional image for UEFI equipment, its size has increased from 35 MG to 50 MG. Peropesis 1.2 release can be downloaded from here.

2. In the User Manual, in the chapter of "Booting from USB drive" information has been updated to complement this section with UEFI software features.

3. On this release root file system is compressed to xz format (instead gzip).

#2021-03-15: Peropesis 1.1 released

1. Was recompiled Linux modules by retaining only the currently required fs and usb drivers. This allows the distribution volume to be reduced from 54 MG to 35 MG.

2. Uploaded the lsblk application from the Util-Linux package. lsblk provides information about all available devices in the block by scanning it from the sysfs file system beforehand. More information about lsblk(8) on man pages.

#2021-02-17: First Peropesis release, 1.0

Today starts the first release - 1.0, of the Peropesis operating system. Peropesis is a small-scale, minimalist Linux operating system. Also, it is free an operating system created from free software mostly distributed under the GNU GPL or BSD licenses.

The Peropesis project includes the operating system itself and this website. The aim of this project is to create a compact, regularly maintained, a virtually useful operating system and supply full information required for management. The name Peropesis is made up from three words, personal operating system, the first three letters of each word.

What is Linux

Linux kernel is an axis around which revolve various stand-alone applications or entire software packages that make up the Peropesis. Linux kernel controls computer operations and keep your programs running smoothly. In 1991 Linux kernel started building Linus Torvalds. Today hundreds of developers around the world are developing the Linux kernel and every day with Linux kernel created Linux operating systems is becoming increasingly popular. Linux is free software. Without Linux does not exist the Peropesis operating systems.


Each distribution is categorizes by specific characteristics. One of them is distribution dependency. Peropesis is designed from scratch by compiling software from free-to-return source code. In this case, it can be said that Peropesis there is no dependent of other distributions, it’s independent system.

About Release 1.0

This is Peropesis live edition. This edition is not intended to be written to the hard drive, but is intended for to be loaded in the computer's memory. Peropesis is compatible with 86_64-bit architecture processors.

At this moment Basic software packages or portions of them of the Peropesis distribution are: Linux kernel, GNU C Library, Bash, Coreutils, Util-linux, Shadow and other.

The volume of this distribution is approximately 50 MB. Most part (2/3) of this software consists of modules of Linux kernel and documentation (man pages and doc files).


Peropesis - it's a good way to get to know the command prompt and the most commonly found basic applications in Linux environments.

In computer memory Peropesis live OS can be booting from USB memory or using virtual machine.

This release includes the eudev software package. This means, that the system automatically identifies the connected devices (USB, SD, CD-ROM etc.).

Currently the most realistic practical use of this system it might be to recover working option of other, faulty operating system - by loading Peropesis system in the computer's memory, by mounting the current faulty system which is on the hard drive to Peropesis and by using the chroot application for restoring corrupted libraries or other essential files.

Closing word

Anyone who wants to try the Peropesis Linux operating system, can download it from this site. This website also provides information on how to boot it to your computer memory and how to use basic applications included in the Peropesis distribution. You can learn more about this project at webpage About.

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