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Peropesis (personal operating system) is a small-scale, minimalist, command-line-based Linux operating system. It's an incomplete system, but it's constantly being improved. Also, it is a free operating system created from a free software, mostly distributed under the GNU GPL or BSD licenses. The Peropesis project includes the operating system itself and this website, that contains all the necessary information about this operating system.


Variable Value
Progressearly stages of development (open beta)
User interfacecommand-line interpreter (Bash)
System languagemultilingual
OS typeminimalist
OS type2live OS (can be run from a CD, DVD or USB storage devices)
Compatibility86_64-bit architecture processors
Compatibility2with both, BIOS and UEFI motherboards
Size278 MB
Software insidebundle


Peropesis - it's a good way to get to know the command-line and the programs mostly common in Linux operating systems. Also, because it is a very small system, it is a good opportunity to easily understand, how Linux file systems are constructed.

In the Peropesis distribution GNU gcc and g++ compilers are installed, with which programs, written in C and C++ programming languages, can be compiled.

Peropesis supports two types of network connectivity, wired and wireless. Command-line-based internet browser Links, S-nail email client and wget network downloader are installed on the system. This tools allows you to connect to online resources and use it.

Other practical example of the use of this system it might be to recover working option of other, faulty operating system - by loading Peropesis system in the computer's memory, by mounting the current faulty system which is on the hard drive to Peropesis and by using the chroot application for restoring corrupted libraries or other essential files.

Finally, the list of software distributed in the distribution presented on bundle page can help to more accurately answer the question about the possibilities of using the Peropesis distribution.

If you want to test this operating system, you can download it from this site. This website also provides information on how to boot this system to your computer and how to use basic applications included in the Peropesis distribution.


Each distribution is categorizes by specific characteristics. One of them is distribution dependency. Peropesis is designed from scratch by compiling software from free-to-return source code. In this case, it can be said that Peropesis there is no dependent of other distributions, it’s independent system.


The Peropesis Linux distribution is software package bundled from lots of free software, which are created by different individuals or organizations. Each program in this distribution has a valid usage license. A program license is a document issued by the program author, which describes the conditions under which this program is available use. Peropesis distribution includes software which has applied several different license types, including most often common GNU GPL (various versions) and BSD. For more information about the Peropesis distributable package license, see readme file.

In website of Peropesis Linux operating system project (peropesis.org) the information provided is a copyright work. Copyright (C) 2021-2024 Peropesis. You may copy, distribute and modify it following Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International, (CC BY-SA 4.0) license terms.


The Peropesis operating system is distributed assuming that it works properly and will be useful, but this software is not included any warranty. The user of this software assumes all risks associated with the quality and performance of the software. If it appears that this software has defect, the user of this software assumes the cost of all necessary servicing, repair and correction.


Possible ways to collaborate or express yourself by participating in the development of the Peropesis Linux OS project:
1. Notification of bugs found in the operating system or website. Providing a solution on how the existing bugs in the system could be fixed.
2. Providing a relevant solution, that would optimize or expand the functional properties of individual areas of the Peropesis operating system.
3. Preparing a relevant chapter for a user manual.
4. Another one.


Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcomed by email: info(at)peropesis.org.

Copyright © 2021-2024 Peropesis. See license terms.
E-mail: info(at)peropesis.org