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Peropesis is a small-scale, minimalist, command-line-based Linux operating system. It's an incomplete system, but it's constantly being improved. Also, it is a free operating system created from a free software. The Peropesis project includes the operating system itself and this website, that contains all the necessary information about this operating system.

Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcomed by email: info(at)peropesis.org.


Release date: 2024-02-01

💾 Download Peropesis 2.3
(64-bit live ISO)

This is Peropesis live edition. This edition is not intended to be written to the hard drive, but is intended for to be loaded in the memory. Peropesis is compatible with 86_64-bit architecture processors. The volume of this distribution is approximately 183 MB.


[ 2024-02-01 ] Peropesis 2.3: new software was installed and compatibility with Ventoy
[ 2023-09-18 ] Contribution using git will no longer continue
[ 2023-09-14 ] Peropesis 2.2: bison, gettext, gperf and texinfo
[ 2023-05-10 ] New chapter in the manual. Ability to contribute using git
[ 2023-04-26 ] Peropesis 2.1: GNU Autotools, perl, compressors lzip and zstd
[ 2023-04-07 ] New chapter: Screen manager - screen
[ 2023-01-26 ] Released Peropesis 2.0: Make, SQLite, nano, Screen
[ 2023-01-22 ] New chapters about command-line interface was created
[ 2022-12-21 ] Peropesis 1.9 released: internationalisation, display and keyboard control. JOE editor
[ 2022-12-02 ] New chapters. Linuxtracker. OS.watch

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