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This forum is dedicated to discussing issues related to the use and development of the Peropesis Linux operating system.

PS: Source code?

by g, Wednesday, May 03, 2023, 13:29 (387 days ago) @ sskras


The ISO image / distribution building documentation, without personal individual notes, does not exist at this time. It's possible that documentation will be prepared and made public in the future (or maybe not. To create a detail documentation, step by step and to maintain it is a new project and it should be mature). As an alternative, I can answer to specific questions of Peropesis ISO building nuances you are interested.

For the "chain-of-trust":
Peropesis ISO is not compiled, it can be unpacked. The Peropesis filesystem also can be extracted. In the filesystem all plain text files are freely readable and all compiled software has freely available source code (except firmware of course). There is ability to see compilation options of many compiled programs. The user manual and the news contain a fairly broad description of how was created and how is working system. So the Peropesis distribution is open in many sense.

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