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Source code?

by sskras ⌂, Lithuania, Friday, April 28, 2023, 05:46 (424 days ago) @ g

g, thanks for clearing some points out.

I guess you build the distro image by using some scripts that you run locally. IOW, I doubt you enter/rerun all the commands by hand every time the image is released.

So us (who loves chain-of-trust) getting able to look at these scripts (or at least at the sequence of commands from your terminal sessions) would feel a bit more confident. (Or maybe even let us to rebuild it for ourselves:)

Shape/form of the command execution doesn't matter as much as their exact sequence + a comment here and there, allowing us to build the same behaving image.

And publishing it via some Git frontend would be ideal. Maybe self-hosted, like cgit, gitweb, Pagure, Gitea, Gogs (like every other function on this site). Using some public service (like GitHub and Gitlab) would do too.

And the respective documentation might only come later and be a bonus.

That would make distro more accessible/transparent to the devs/sysops.


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