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Making terminal output font fixed-width in documentation

by sskras ⌂, Lithuania, Monday, July 17, 2023, 08:10 (374 days ago)

Now the documentation uses variable-width font to render output of the terminal commands.
(Probably via "font-family: sans-serif")

Maybe using fixed-width font would make reading more comfortable?
(At least for the terminal folks like me:)

I tried to do that, and this is my initial patch:

Of course, I don't know HTML and CSS much, and that change might be an overkill given that you use <samp> and <kbd> tags inside of <p class="kodas"> blocks.

But that should tell my idea at least roughly. Gediminai, what's your opinion on it?

Making terminal output font fixed-width in documentation

by g, Monday, September 18, 2023, 17:09 (311 days ago) @ sskras

If I understood correctly, your suggestion was to change font-family from "sans-serif" to "monospace". Font-family "sans-serif" makes spacing smaller between words and font-family "monospace" makes spacing wider (examples). I think, it would be mistake to create wider spacing in the code example blocks, because by repeating code in the real system according to the example, the users could write a space and this would create an error.

Making terminal output font fixed-width in documentation

by sskras ⌂, Lithuania, Monday, September 18, 2023, 19:42 (311 days ago) @ g

Yes, you got my suggestion right.

Seems like I misunderstood the original idea/markup, and now I hope I got your point.

Yet I still feel a bit frustrated by seeing a piece of variable-width text embedded into fixed-width text block both representing work (input) done in the usual terminal session (where all characters are equally wide). And thus I seek for a change. :)

To make a distinction between typing a command and typing a heredoc content I probably would:

(1) add space after the `>` symbol;
(2) use a different colors for the `>` and the input being made;
(3) still would switch to the fixed-width text.

(so the end result looks similar to what I see in my terminal emulator)

Maybe something like that.

This should be pretty similar to what I get in my terminal.

(inspired by the Running VAX/VMS Under Linux Using SIMH page)

PS. Not sure if I pictured my frustration clear enough. :)
PPS. That's not to say the current look-n-feel is critical, just quite annoying to me. :P

Making terminal output font fixed-width in documentation

by g, Tuesday, September 19, 2023, 13:05 (310 days ago) @ sskras

1. Spaces after input symbol > was created.
2. So far, the design of the website includes black, white, and blue link colors by default. In other words, there is no design. If we start coloring random area on the website, we'll create a kitsch.
3. I don't really understand the terms “variable-width text” and “fixed-width text.”

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