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This forum is dedicated to discussing issues related to the use and development of the Peropesis Linux operating system.

Review comments

by longradix, Sunday, October 23, 2022, 09:14 (35 days ago)

Good minimal distribution with a lot to like. Here are a few of my suggestions for future releases:
1- pre-installed text editor, such as `nano` or `joe`
2- pre-installed browser, such as `w3m`, `links`, `lynx` or `elinks`
3- there are some standard shell commands missing, such as `alias`
4- if the distribution is geared towards developers (with gcc being installed), then I would also have expected a database engine such as `sqlite3` to be pre-installed.

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by g, Monday, October 24, 2022, 05:55 (34 days ago) @ longradix

I think, that most of the software you mentioned should be installed in newer releases.
3. The "alias" command works for me, please explain more.

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by longradix, Monday, October 24, 2022, 21:51 (33 days ago) @ g

Thank you for looking into it. The alias command is indeed available, it was a syntax error on my part. Either way, it would be good to define a few, such as:
alias egrep='egrep --color=auto'
alias fgrep='fgrep --color=auto'
alias grep='grep --color=auto'
alias l='ls -CF'
alias la='ls -A'
alias ll='ls -alF --color=auto'

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by g, Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 15:44 (33 days ago) @ longradix

Ok. I think, that we can write these alias commands to the /etc/profile file as permanent and use them in the coming release.

Returning to the new software you have offered, I think one of the two editors nano or joe could be pre-installed in the next (1.8.1?) release. The SQLite installation would be moved to the release after that. The next (1.8.1) release should focus on updating the already existing-old software and fixing some bugs.

So, what do you think what other tools besides a serious text editor, SQLite and gcc/g++ compilers are necessary to make Linux live distribution attractive in some cases as a C/C++ programs development tool? And in which cases it would be attractive?

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by longradix, Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 20:56 (32 days ago) @ g

My suggestions:
1- substitute nano for ed
2- if you install sqlite3, you will also need libsqlite3-dev

What would really help is however more cosmetic in nature:
1- font-selection: can you install a smaller font so that more text is visible on screen?
2- keyboard setting: a selection of keyboard setting would be helpful too, US / UK / DE etc.

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by g, Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 14:55 (32 days ago) @ longradix

I guess one way to manage font and keyboard options on the console could be by using the KBD software package. There is also a possibility to set default screen resolution with vga= option during boot (in isolinux.cfg). I noted these tasks. Thank you for your comments.

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by sskras, Monday, November 21, 2022, 15:03 (6 days ago) @ g

Since now user is about to build additional software itself, I urge adding `git` tool. :)
Without it reaching a lot of new software recedes several steps further/away.

I mean, downloading `git` sources using `wget` and building them would be a big task by itself.
IMO this would involve compiling additional dependencies as well (most of which probably would require `git` by themselves).

Hence my vote.

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by g, Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 08:24 (4 days ago) @ sskras

Personally, I don't have an opinion on the necessity of git. Maybe this should be brought to the future.

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by sskras, Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 13:19 (4 days ago) @ g
edited by sskras, Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 13:42

Acknowledged. I will return to this after I do some experiments with `pkgsrc`. :)

Now my another vote.

Peropesis has `wget` for fetching/downloading files from internet.

Then quite a few Linux tools has shell one-liners to bootstrap their installation independently from package manager. But they use `curl` for that, Eg:


`wget` probably can do most of what `curl` can. But the command line conversion would take some additional effort every such time. So I would like to have `curl` too.

I am not sure about the dependencies of `curl` though. I.e. are there something more required in comparison to dependencies that came with `wget`.

What's you opinion about including both tools?

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by g, Thursday, November 24, 2022, 11:40 (3 days ago) @ sskras

I'm studying cURL and your links. I don't have an opinion right now.

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by sskras, Monday, November 21, 2022, 15:29 (6 days ago) @ longradix

Hey longradix

on the other hand, this could be set by the personal dot-files like `.bashrc`.

Which then could imported/updated by some dedicated tool (like chezmoi.io).

Just a thought.

Of course, there are a few ways to achieve that. So far my favorite is to put my dot-files directly into Git repo:


This might include some additional protection, of course:


My .02€ :)

Review comments

by josephxxd, Brazil, Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 21:49 (32 days ago) @ longradix

Hello, I would like to collaborate in some way with this project of yours. we can start somewhere, you follow a pattern

Senior Unix

Review comments

by g, Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 14:58 (32 days ago) @ josephxxd

Please write more about how you think it would be possible to develop this project in some aspects.

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