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by g, Thursday, December 29, 2022, 11:42 (574 days ago) @ sskras

I've created a new thread for the git and curl posts.

As I understood in all of the examples you've gave, cURL is used to download .sh files, that later initiation of these files will download and install the intended software. In this case, downloading .sh files in Peropesis system is possible using wget program, as you mentioned.

Thus, the essential function of cURL is to transport data (to both sides) using protocols such as FTP, HTTP, IMAP, SMTP, etc. With Peropesis, at this moment there is possibility to download files using wget and links programs and using HTTP and FTP protocols. Also, using the S-nail mail program, it is possible to transport files (to both sides) using the IMAP and SMTP protocols.

There is currently no way to send files to ftp or to other type of servers with Peropesis. The Peropesis distribution distributes several programs (ping, ping6, whois) from the Inetutils software package. Inetutils package also distributes ftp program for file transfer using file transfer protocol (FTP). So, if inetutils will be fully installed in the Peropesis distribution, it would be possible to upload files as well.

But what if there's a need to transport data using not only the SMTP, IMAP and FTP, HTTP protocols? The question is what protocols are used most often, with which data is transported and what software (clients) are used to work with them?

I got a little familiar with the cURL program from the lame user's side. The first impression is that it is a very wide use software. For example, when I wrote earlier that the Peropesis system have the ability to download files from an HTTP server, but there is no software on this system for uploading files to a Web server. By the cURL user manual (https://curl.se/docs/manpage.html), this program has the ability to upload files to HTTP servers. However, I personally failed to transport the file to the local apache server (command: curl -T file.txt http://localhost/directory). As I understood with cURL, there is an option to send variable values using GET or POST methods and not only using HTTP, but also using, for example, the MQTT protocol. As I understood, there are also software developed that use cURL and would not even work without cURL (https://curl.se/docs/programs.html). So this is serious software. And in what situations do you use cURL?

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