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problem with apropos and whatis commands

by rosika, Saturday, November 19, 2022, 15:21 (552 days ago) @ g

Hi g, :-)

thank you so much for your new reply and all the time and effort you put into helping me.

I read your explanations and could follow them in my running instance of peropesis.
The second part of your post seems particularly interesting and I tried what you suggested.

I have to admit though that I didn´t make use of the text-editor ed in the past.
In fact I never knew it existed.

So I took a look at ed-command in order to get acquainted with it.
Still: your instructions are very good; I just wanted to know what I was typing...

So I changed line 66 of /etc/man_db.conf and commented out the respective entry:

#MANDB_MAP /usr/man /var/cache/man/fsstnd

After that I ran /usr/bin/mandb again and got the following output:

Updating index cache for path `/usr/share/man/man9´ . Wait...done.
Checking for stray cats under /usr/share/man...
Checking for stray cats under /var/cache/man...
9 man subdirectories contained newer manual pages.
461 manual pages were added.
0 stray cats were added.
0 old database entries were purged.

And after that: SUCCESS !!!

Both whatis and apropos commands are working.

So that´s the way to go...

Thank you very much for your help, g.

Many greetings from Rosika. :-)

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