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This forum is dedicated to discussing issues related to the use and development of the Peropesis Linux operating system.

Peropesis Forum Questions

by certainquirk, Colorado, USA, Saturday, October 29, 2022, 01:42 (605 days ago)

I've got a couple questions about the Peropesis Forum:

1. Is it just me or are long lines disappearing about a word or so before they wrap and become visible again? (They appear fine in a preview and after they're posted).

2. The forum software uses BBCode and should output new line with a return/enter. Instead, my lines come out as one long paragraph. To create the break lines in this post I used bold formatting, and I added spaces because I don't know the escapes: [ b ][ /b ].

There, I did it again. Also, I have to add a space before the [ /b ] on the empty line.
(Hope I explained that OK!)

Wannabe hacker, perpetual newbie.

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