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This forum is dedicated to discussing issues related to the use and development of the Peropesis Linux operating system.

Brief Review of Peropesis v1.8

by certainquirk, Colorado, USA, Thursday, October 27, 2022, 18:39 (541 days ago) @ g

Currently Peropesis is a personal project and is created as a hobby for fun or for educational purposes. With this project, I wouldn't want to commit to anything and promise anything, except:
this project is non-commercial and should remain so;
this project must remain open as far as possible.

Probably it would be great if this project would evolve in some way and become attractive to both developers and users. The question is, how do we do this?

As I understand, you would like to be responsible for integrating the Vim text editor into the Peropesis live distribution and possibly further supporting it? Did I get it right?

Haha! Sure, I'd be willing to help out with that! ;) This distro is already perfect for someone (like me) who wants to learn how a core system works. The fact that it's System V makes it invaluable these days -- a real gem amongst the throngs of systemd blobs out there. (I have no interest in how those work and I doubt I ever will). Like I said, if I can get Vim installed I'll be happy and use it all the time.

Wannabe hacker, perpetual newbie.

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